Album: NAO – Saturn |ZIP

NAO Channels The Spirit Of Smooth R&B On “Saturn”

British singer-songwriter NAO touches down with her second studio album Saturn. The title is a nod to the singer’s age, as the planet Saturn takes 29 years to orbit the sun. “My friends kept telling me about the term ‘Saturn Returns’. It’s this idea that Saturn takes 29 years to orbit from when you’re born and it is the planet of blessings and growth,” stated NAO in a press release. “So by the time you’re around 29, between 27 and 32, something big happens in your life. It’s like waking up and coming of age, like: ‘I’ve been going through my twenties and what have I been doing in this relationship?’ What have I been doing in this job?’ You start to rethink everything – old stuff that your parents taught you or ideas that you believed in. It’s like a complete shedding of skin and it can be painful.”
The album is laced with 12 tracks and guest features from SIR, and Kwabs. Here is Saturn enjoy!

Download Album: NAO – Saturn | ZIP

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