Album: NØIR – Smino | Zip

Smino taps Bari, Valee, Jay2, & Ravyn Lenae for “NØIR”

Smino is back. After the success of his debut album blkswn in early 2017, Smino has been garnering a loyal fan base with intimate shows and impassioned appearances. The St. Louis’ soulful muse eclectic artist returns to the floor with a pinch of southern soul and a hint of midwest sophistication on his new album NØIR
The eclectic artist  blends neo-soul with hip-hop to create his own sound, one that elevates NØIR to the next level but features the same passion and intimacy.
Bari, Valee, Jay2, and Ravyn Lenae complete the scant list of features on NØIR, which runs for 18 tracks. “Noir is a record about the present, about life now,” Smino told Billboard. “An experience that is far more complex and challenging.”

Download Album: NØIR – Smino | Zip

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