Alessia Cara – Trust My Lonely (Mp3)

Cara’s album “The Pains Of Growing” is set for this year.


Alessia Cara just right after winning Best New Artist at last year’s Grammys and celebrating her 22nd birthday with the release of her track “A Little More.” She is expected to release her next album The Pains of Growing in 2018 but to hold us up and keep us expectant Cara comes through today with new single “Trust My Lonely.” The Brampton songwriter Alessia Cara teaming up with production team Pop & Oak released the track earlier today.It’s a defiant track that finds the singer rising out of a toxic place to see more clearly. While it echoes what many might experience in a bad relationship, Cara’s record is more about battling with yourself, as she explained in a tweet accompanying the release. Cara’s new track is a bright, lightly reggae-tinged record. 

“It’s human instinct to hold onto things that aren’t good for us sometimes because we’re afraid of being without them,” she said. “They become our comfort. In some cases, it’s a toxic relationship, in others, a bad friendship, or in my case — and the reason I wrote this song — internal black clouds and voices of doubt.

Quotable Lyrics:

Go get your praise from someone else
You did a number on my health
My world is brighter by itself
And I can do better, do better
You and I were swayin’ on the ropes
I found my footing on my own
I’m a-okay, I’m good as gold
And I can do better, do better alone

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