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Swizz Beatz Grabs Giggs For Earth Rattling Single “Come Again”

While fans wait for Poison, which will likely be the most heavily featured album of 2018, Swizz Beatz continues to reestablish himself as one of the most dangerous producers on the planet. Coming through today is Swizz with another single “Come Again”.

The track relies on the lyrical ability of Giggs, the veteran London rapper who appeared on Drake‘s More Life

On Come Again Swizz composes an instrumental that will force you to scrunch your face is satisfying disgust as the bass rattles the ground beneath you. Swizz starts off the track with his usual repetitive hype before Giggs takes command of the energy. He opts to sway in the pocket of the beat, and his deep vocals reverberate between the drums like thunder in a closed room.

Quotable Lyrics
Yeah, yeah I’m loca 

Lightskin pussy on my sofa
Man’s straight boss it I’m a sosa 
Man’s straight popping on my toaster
Man’s straight duppy, I’m a ghoster

Download Come Again – Swizz Beatz Ft Giggs

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