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T-Pain Has A Bawdy Good Time On “Darkskin Debarge”

Three adjectives “Carefree, promiscuous, and bawdy” that serve to epitomize T-Pain at the height of his powers. On “Darkskin Debarge,” T-Pain pulls out all the stops, right down to his signature x-rated lyricism. Yet whenever he does dip into R-rated territory (and that’s often), his affable nature ensures that the fun stays wholesome.

T-Pain has undeniably become a beloved figure in the hip-hop pantheon; even the most ardent purists have forgiven him from ushering auto-tune into the mainstream spotlight. And while the maestro has certainly been generous of late, he has since doubled his bounty with yet another volume of the Everything Must Go series. Volume Two dropped today, and the project wastes little time in conjuring memories of an era come-and-gone.

Quotable Lyrics

Dark skin n****s comin’ back at ya
I’m a legend bitch I’m swerving in that Acura
Smokin’ on that pretty Ricky I’m spectacular
Losin’ losin’ that shit ain’t in my vernacular

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