Dave East & Style P – It’s Lit | Free Mp3

The song appears on the duo’s new joint project “Beloved.”


Dave East and Styles P, two rappers from different generations who share a love for gritty New York rap and a first name, David, have teamed for a joint album: Beloved. The title of the album, released Friday, comes from the Hebrew translation of David. On “It’s Lit,” the second track on the album, the two waste no time in displaying their natural chemistry.East and Styles feel no need to split their verses into sixteens, instead passing the mic back and forth throughout, one-upping each other with clever punchlines that prove that despite their age difference, they’ve studied the same playbook.

Listen to the full project, which features contributions from Dyce Pane, Jazzy and Tish Hyman, and The Lox, here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hail Mary, I fucked over good people like Madoff
Smack ’em with the pistol, if I shoot, I’m going away dawg
Bricks at the Sheridan, pounds at the Aloft
It’s fucked up but Donald Trump is the new Adolph

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