Download: Foe Life – Mack 10 Feat. Ice Cube |Mp3

1995 was quite the year for Hoo’ Bangin’.

Before “Foe Life” the seminal record it is Today, Mack 10 made a name for himself defending the Coast with the Most (at the time). Let’s give postdated credit where its due. Mack 10 has all the intangible traits you look for in a rapper, but sadly it never fully came together, perhaps because loyalty was seemingly more important to him than personal ambition. “Foe Life” is nevertheless one the crisper performances dating back to 1995. With Ice Cube on this you what you expect

Quotable Lyrics:

Call 911 there’s a son of a bitch on the roof
Yarned up in his birthday suit
Mack 10 to the rescue
My momma wanna know why I do what I do
Cause I’m superman superbad supermad superfly
Fool you can die.

Download: Foe Life – Mack 10 Feat. Ice Cube |Mp3

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