Lil B Pays “All One Me BASED FREESTYLE” (Audio)

Lil B puts his doctrine of positivity into practice.

Lil B lives by his own decree, a doctrine of positivity that governs all his actions. If you needed proof that such a thing existed, look no further than his latest Based Freestyle projected for his upcoming Options mixtape, announced in July. What makes “All One Me BASED FREESTYLE” peculiar is the nature of the beat selection. “All One Me” employs the beat from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “Drowning.”

In case you forgot, A Boogie had his entourage jump Lil B after the former Pack alumni made offhanded comments about his delivery. A decimated Lil B then took to the stage shortly thereafter for a scheduled performance at Rolling Loud he would ultimately cancel on the spot, but not before forgiving A Boogie and PnB Rock, the two artists responsible for ordering the hit.

As of now, A Boogie and Lil B have reconciled to a relative state of equanimity, enough that Lil B would consider co-opting his flow on a Based Freestyle. No greater compliment exists in the Based World. Check out “All One Me BASED FREESTYLE” and comment below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Searchin’ through my mind, lookin’ through the waves
Had to cut the waves, had to get right
Nigga playin’ with me, gotta get right
Feelin’ like Life, Martin Lawrence
Nis know I got the game and fucked the opponents
N****s know I got the game and we like a loner, stoner
Fuckin’ with these bitches, they know I got it
Won’t stop until I fly, I got you
They want you, they love you, they hug you

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