Meek Mill Confesses He Was Wanting To Punish DJs Who Played Drake’s “Back To Back”

Meek Mill admits to sinister thoughts, with the Drake beef a thing of the past.

Meek Mill is a rise and fallen soldier which although it tool him over a decade to get back again, but now that his beef with Drake has been converted to a real-time friendship (as real as it gets in showbiz), Meek Mill has deemed it okay to talk about the dark thoughts that were passing through his head while “Back to Back” was in rotation.

At around midnight, Meek Mill decided to open up an impromptu Twitter confessional with no real implications. He told his followers that a few years ago he wanted to “green light” every DJ that he caught playing Drake’s diss record, and thankfully, it seems he never followed through with those impulses, not once. Ps. the term “green light” is criminal slang for a commissioning a killing.

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