Once Upon A Time – IDK Feat. Denzel Curry | Mp3

IDK & Denzel Curry tells a story on “Once Upon A Time”

Second breakfast is served with IDK & Denzel Curry‘s new collaboration “Once Upon A Time.” While Denzel Curry has loaded 2018 with stellar offerings, IDK seems due for a 2019 breakout. Holding his own with the silver-tongued Zel (that “bear to witness” scheme is madness), the blonde rapper trades bars like a natural, steadily rising in the draft on sheer natural talent. 
Once Upon A Time,” despite the title’ fairy-tale connotations, those familiar with Zeltron and IDK are likely to suspect something more Grimm than Disney. Lo and behold, a mournful, guitar-driven instrumental sets an old-school tone, though decidedly more somber than the glory days. Though both parties have previously shown electrifying energy, the rappers dial it back for this one, opting for a smoother approach. It works wonders.
Look for Denzel Curry’s upcoming collaborative project IDK & Friends dropping this Friday, November 9th. In the meantime, enjoy the latest from IDK and Denzel Curry.

Quotable Lyrics

Remember to remember,
Matter of fact, remember the 5th of November
Too many scars upon my face, no Simba
Rappers thinking they the most dark, but I’m dimmer
Mos def, and grimmer
Bear to witness, the superficial mean and vicious
I’m bad as an infant, without a parent having interest
Suspicious intent, riding around in five percent tint
We’ll push your cap back, and send your soul to new dimensions

– Zel

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