Padded Locks – Mick Jenkins Feat. Ghostface Killah | Mp3

Mick Jenkins & Ghostface Killah Spread The Message On “Padded Locks”

Those in the know already have October 26th circled on their calendars, likely beside the initials MJ. The occasion marks the arrival of Mick’s upcoming Pieces Of A Man album, which will mark the rapper’s fourth official release, following up 2016’s The Healing Component. We’ve already heard lead single “Understood”. Now, Mick has summoned the spirit of Shaolin for his latest offering, the Ghostface Killah assisted “Padded Locks.”Once again sliding over a slick beat from Kaytra, Mick effortlessly trades bars with Tony Starks, a worthy counterpart to the legend. “Boonk actin’ like it’s gravy lookin’ crazy on the internet,” he raps, “n***s Dirty Dancin’ no Patrick Swayze.” And thus, Swayze’s status as the most referenced actor in hip-hop remains unchallenged. Ghost picks up where Jenkins left off, trading verbal dexterity for a no-nonsense, menacing gravitas. It’s certainly a different approach for Ghost, but one that appropriately exhibits his formidable presence. Peep the collaboration now, and mark your calendars accordingly.

Quotable Lyrics

N***as bitin’ crazy all they see is death by rabies
N***as gettin’ lazy diggin’ holes and pushing daisies
Boonk actin’ like it’s gravy lookin’ crazy on the internet
N***s Dirty Dancin’ no Patrick Swayze

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