Quemix: Against Me – Jacquees Feat. Wale | Free Mp3

Jacquees join force with a forlorn Wale on “Against Me.”

On “Against Me” Jacquees revels in his relative sweet spot, as the existing force behind many-a-song that already boasts a running start, in this case, he is working off a H.E.R. record where she champions the importance of self-validation.

On “Against Me” the script is flipped onto its side, with Jacquees perceiving change, not in himself, but in his partner. Wale, on the other hand, is more self-effacing on “Against Me” than I’d ever imagined. But even so, the introspective look is lost in a myriad of playful musings. Other records that Jacquees reworks on QUEMIX 3 are equally chilling,

Quotable Lyrics:

Lord knows we’ve got issues we misuse our love
I miss you, you miss me, we aim to no a-
vail, I just want someone to grow with
You just want someone to grow up
I ain’t talking about no Sgt. Slaughter
But I order shawty a lil cobra clutch.


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