Underachievers Ft King Jet – Seven Letters [MP3]

The Underachievers on their return set the pase to their upcoming album with new single “Seven Letters,”

In view of their upcoming album  After The Rain set to hit the stage November 2nd, the rappers set the floor with new single “Seven Letters” ft King Jet. The video conception plays out like an unsolicited game of phone tag taken up by Issa Gold, AKTHESAVIOR, and all the demons they hope to chase away.

“Seven Letters” is thereby a deeply personal for the rapping-duo, in which they open up about their respective struggles with depression. Issa Gold and his partner AK hope the song will inspire others in the same position to seek help any which way possible.

“It’s like an alternative route we’re presenting them. How we got away from our depression and our addiction, he told Complex via phone conversation. “We’re sharing our point of view on how to get up out of there, instead of, like Issa said, just dwelling and taking drugs, or whatever the case is. There’s another way to get out of that.” AK, who is after all a self-appointed “savior” hopes his message of deliverance those who need it most. 

Quotable Lyrics:

I’ve been the victim of depression
But killing myself is foolish
Though I contemplated existence
But never go through with it
I was gifted to the Earth to spread
Call me lil Cupid
Mended broken hearts
Show them the truth and watch ’em lose it.

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