Young Thug ft. Gunna & Duke – Scoliosis | MP3 DOWNLOAD

Young Thug grabs Gunna & Duke for “Scoliosis.”


On “ScoliosisThugger and his guests aren’t teaming up to defeat scoliosis, if anything the weight of their jewels has contributed to their curved spine. Gunna willingly gets behind the narrative of an expensive collection, prompting Duke to do the same. The objective being: they are going to flaunt their wealth even at the risk of being targeted.Unlike his guests, Young Thug is compelled to buy a diamond-encrusted pacifier after witnessing his six children overcome the 5 stages of teething. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious down at base camp. Inspiration is information, and Young Thug is none the wiser without his baby rattle.
Quotable Lyrics:
Wide body benz with a big nose
Amazon b**ch was in some white toes (let’s go)
She got extravagant head, know that deepthroat (deepthroat)
YSL, I’m only ’bout that lingo
That’s the beauty of it, sell some then we split
Coupled with Owen kicks, feds wanna take a pic
I saw some beauty in yo’ bitch, I’m tryna screw my d*ck-Gunna




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